How to Apply What We Learn to Our Life?

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We will find that it is very important that we start thinking about the future.


The future holds a lot of possibility, but we also have to prepare ourselves for the worst. We will need to think about things like our desires, our future, and our finances (both present and future).


The goal that most people will try to set for themselves will evolve around their retirement and learning how to save for retirement. we will want to make sure that we consider our career options so that we can begin to plan for our future in the next couple decades.


The way of the old is dead saving to retirement is over with. It’s investing in your future generating passive streams of capital that really creates lasting wealth.


It allows us not only to have a major impact while we are on this earth but also well after

isnt that what it’s all about?

going out there and seeing what the possibilities are.

how many people can we actually serve and help make their life better.


And if we can possibly be so lucky to be so graciously blessed with the greatest gift of all helping solve a problem for someone well after we have pasted on.

500, 1,000  ,   2,000     ,       10,000 how many years do we want our legacy to live on for?


We will want to set goals for ourself that are both personal and for business. We do not want to neglect any part of our life. We will want to set goals that are both short term and long term.

We will want to also plans for the goals so that we can begin to achieve them in due time.


The only thing is that we won’t achieve any of our goals instantly. We will need to get it through to our brain that goals take a lot of time and resources.

We will not become an overnight success. Keep in mind that even those who seem to be an overnight success, really spent years and years trying to get their first big break. We will want to keep in mind our ethics at the same time.


When it comes to setting goals for the future people tend to do whatever it takes to end up on top, even if that means doing something ethically wrong.

The thing is that a lot of people do not experience enough hardships in their life to test their ethics. The most important thing that we will want to keep in mind is the Golden Rule.

Law 16 of the Law of success.

“Do unto others only that which we would wish them to do unto us if our positions were reversed”

The key is the last part if our roles are reversed.

One realization I had to come to is the Golden Rule doesn’t mean be “nice” it means Treat people how we would want to be treated if they were in our shoes.


Some people need the whip cracked and told what it is if that’s what we would want them to do to us if they where in our position.

Hector Lamaruqe told me once don’t ever do something we wouldn’t want our moms to see on the front page of the morning paper.

and I’ve lived my life like that ever since.


There will be times where we will win and others will lose, however, we have to work hard for the accomplishments to truly become people of value.


Also, keep in mind that we do not want to burn bridges, because the fall down is a lot harder than the climb up.

When it comes to using what we have learned in life, we will want to jot a few things down.

It is so easy to be swept up in the art of lies and deception, but it is also so easy to let things go without fully thinking about the consequences.


We will want to pick some of the best things that have happened and think about the burdens that brought us to those blessings.

Keep in mind that there is a lot to learn in life and life’s lessons are not always that difficult, but we learn something from each stubble that we made along the way.

with each burden, comes a blessing

we can not be blessed without a burden and burden without blessings.

We must not get discourage we must skill up.


and be grateful that is the key of achieving greatness if we just apply a few simple disciples over time.

but a few errors in judgement overtime = disaster

if we are grateful we can not be fearful

if we are not fearful we have the power to turn any dream any idea any anything into a reality

Keep in mind that there are many diffident types of people who can help us through the situations.


Basically, we will want to think about finding some people who live the life we want and then learn what they do and DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we choose the right mentors they will allow us  to start correcting our errors in judgement replacing them with a new philosophy and belief set which will allow us to set a sail for a better destination

We must first know what we want before we can find out how to get it.

it says in the bible seek and thou shall find.


what tho seeketh tho finds

what we reap we have sown

and what we sow is what we will reap.

we either sow in the spring or beg in the fall.

businessman with his arms wide open in rural field

remember we can change our direction over night but we can’t Change our destination.

so we much constantly stand guard at our minds entrance from all intruders.

We will want to consider getting a mentor because he or she will help us develope the proper philosophy to create the life we set out to create.

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we can’t just watch, listen & write this content once it’s a daily activity just as, family, exercise, water, food, sales, all should be daily activities.

Stay Blessed,


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  1. Juan - June 8, 2016 at 11:57 am Reply

    This post is inspirational to say the least I like the point treat other as you would wanted to be treated doesn’t always mean be nice. You said the old ways of saving are dead and we need to focus on generating passive streams of income I totally agree what streams have you found to be the most successful?


    • Brian Klock - June 8, 2016 at 12:36 pm Reply

      Juan I’ve found the most successful residual income is first we must focus on what are passions are then find services that compliment our passions that pay monthly residual for bringing the service/solution provider a customer. This is the most effective way I have found and can be started with no up front capital. Also multi unit properties generate a solid residual income find deals set up a proposal that works and close. Remember in capitalism we can buy then sell or my favorite which is sell then buy. Stay blessed Juan

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