How A Success Happens Overnight

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You always hear a lot of celebrities that just seem to become and overnight success, but it’s not exactly how it happened.


Maybe the celebrity did small roles for years in movies that you loved, but you never knew it. The thing is that no one becomes an overnight success.


Yes, you may wake up one day and feel that you have finally achieve your goal and feel like an overnight success. Sometimes you may even forget that you worked so hard for years because the success was so enlightening.


The truth is that you can’t become an overnight success. You can become a success, but it is going to take some time, energy, possibly money for you to meet your ultimate goals.

The first thing that you need to do is figure out yourself.


You need to figure out who you are, and what it is that you want for your life.

You need to then define yourself and understand the consequences of the change. For example, a lot of people wish to go on a reality TV show and then become a big star, but there are consequences that you may not think.


You may not think about the way that it is going to affect you emotional and mentally. You need to set your down to figure out what it is that you are good at and would like to work at and become success over.


You will also need to consider that there are many skills that you are going to have to build on. Even rock stars and singers need dance classes and vocals lessons. You may need to get yourself enrolled in some classes to help perfect your skills and educate yourself.


Before you start signing up for classes, you need to set your goals. Of course the classes will help you to meet your goals, but you need to start with a sense of direction.


For those who go to college straight out high school, they tend to take a lot of general classes because they need to take some time to transform and define themselves.


Maybe after the second year there is a goal in mind and a major claimed. This is the way that you should approach all your goals.

Make a general sense of direction and then see where takes you. People change their mind all the time and you may change your goals every now, but you are still working on being some sort of success.


Once you have defined your goals you will then need to set some markers so that you can track your success.

You will find that if you write a plan to the goal you will be able to see how far you have come and have far you have to go to find success.


You will also need to keep in mind that every milestone that you pass is some sort of success and you should award yourself.

If your goal is to lose weight, then for every ten pounds you should always allow yourself to indulge in one thing that you love. This will keep you motivated and on your path.


As to becoming an overnight success or feeling like an overnight success, it is a change of mind.

It is where you finally realize that you have worked so hard, come so far, and that you have noticed a definite change. You need to consider the fact that change does not dramatically happen over night.


You need to consider that there are many things that you will need to do in order to find success and there are many hardships that you will have to overcome.


However, in the end, you will feel, one day, like you have just won an amazing award. The feeling is often like you are an overnight success, but in your heart you know different.



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  1. Matt - May 24, 2016 at 10:29 pm Reply

    Hi Brian. I agree that achieving overnight success simply isn’t possible. It takes time, dedication, and hard work to get there. Many people fly under the radar, working their tails off for quite some time, before finally seeing the fruits of their labor. Outsiders may see that as overnight success, but the individuals who put the time in know all of the hard work they had to put in to get there.

    What people can do in relatively short periods of time is change their mindset and set SMART goals as you’ve mentioned above. In fact, I think that’s something that can be done overnight – and it’s a great start. Everyone’s capable of a lot when they’re focused and thinking positive thoughts. Building momentum now can bring outstanding results years down the line.

    • Brian Klock - May 24, 2016 at 11:51 pm Reply

      Yes beautifully put. As one of my mentors Jim Rohn says we can’t change our destination overnight but we can change our direction. Stay blessed thanks for stopping by Matt any way i can assist you please let me know

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