1k into million 10 years only 1 sale/year

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How to Take $1,000 and become a millionaire in 10 years making only 1 sale a year.



Year one you go out and invest in something of value for a $1,000 that is really worth $2,000.


Key: (find someone who needs to liquidate the value of an equity into cash)
Then repeat the process every year after that using your new investment size.



my friend, can now call yourself a millionaire.

1) $2k
2) $4k
3) $8k
4) $16k
5) $32k
6) $64k
7) $128k
8) $256k
9) $512k
10) $1 MILLION
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About the author: Brian Klock

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  1. James W D - June 9, 2016 at 4:36 pm Reply

    This is an interesting concept, but how do you recommend finding someone in need of cash for an item like this. The concept you are pitching here reminds me a lot of what Pickers do, where they go find buried treasures and resell them. Is that what you are getting at here?

    • Brian Klock - June 9, 2016 at 6:13 pm Reply

      I suggest be creative and use ingenuity that’s the key. Numbers don’t lie you have seen um now make it happen how ever you gotta make it happen.

      I can tell you this or that but It’s on each and everyone of us to use our imagination that is where the true reward way beyond money lies. I can think of a million examples but none will move you to action like your own clever ideas.

      Obviously this example is something that can be done in extreme spare time along side what ever else you do to produce income. What I’m getting at is if you do one transaction (buy & sell) or (sell & buy) that doubles your initial investment each year you are gauranteed to be rich. This was just an example to paint the simplicity of getting rich if we just stay focused on any object of value and double it for a decade.

      This works just the same even if the object of value is ourselves. So go out and double something this year. Your money your skills your connections your what ever anything you want just make sure it’s not your problems 🙂

      Stay blessed

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