Overcoming the 6 basic fears


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So now that we have identified and recognize the symptoms we are going to dissociate ourselves from all that negative self-talk. 

What was before was based upon the information we had at the time. Now that new information has come into the picture and we realize it is harmful to our health, wealth & over all happiness.

We choose to adopt a new mindset. One that has already created great health and abundance and will continue to for all of eternity.

If you have been following us you have realized the trend at financialfreedomcreator.com is that the MINDSET is to add value everywhere and with everyone. ADD VALUE ADD VALUE ADD VALUE…

This is critical.

Now you say how do I add value that leads us back to what is your passion.  Once we know our passion we are always soaking up more information on the subject the beautiful thing about it is we already were. Lol.

While we continue to grow in our expertise throughout life  we are at the same time organizing systems that distribute the services for the problems that our passion solves. Once we focus on that for a period of two years LAZER FOCUSED. We are free because we have created enough passive income to not ever have to work a job ever again.

“If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm”

we tend to focus on what is going on outside a whole lot when we aren’t experiencing a favorable reality and that is why. What we focus on grow. The reality is its the inside that is creating the outside.

When you study successful people you realize they all got successful because of their mindset. Not one of them care what anyone else thought they all did what they knew  was right and organized a system to distribute a method to solve a problem.

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