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How To Find Your Passion?

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How to find your passion?

That is a great question and we will discuss this today and by the end of reading this you will know exactly what your passion is and then we will show you how you can take action on your passion to serve the masses to create abundance.

Sound Good?


What I find most times after talking to people in our programs and from my own personal experience is that deep down we all know our true passion the problem lies in the fact we spend our lives trying to seek out the work that we think others will find acceptable for us. Rather than letting our light shine and listen to that voice inside us that is calling to us saying I would feel so overjoyed if I just did this.

The next thing usually that follows is some where along the lines of,  “but what will my husband or wife say or what would my parents say, or my neighbors, friends, society, you name it and you probably already have.

The reason why this happens to so many of us.  Is our passion is so close to our heart that we are afraid to expose it to the world simply because we are afraid of what they might say.

exscape financial prison
“Those who dare to fail miserable can achieve greatly”


What we just described is the fear of criticism.

it may Sound may very  familiar to you. Do not be alarmed if it does, now that it has been identified you can overcome and get beyond it so you can receive the abundance the universe wants to give you for the service you are going to render using your passion.

If the fear of Criticism wasn’t the one you are harboring it is one or more of the other 6 basic fears which we list below and we describe the symptoms on a separate page by clicking on the word as well as provide the remedy.

In order to create abundance we must not care about what others think and do what is most suitable for us.

By engaging in the work we find most suitable  we will have the largest impact possible and we will be living the harmonious life full of health & wealth we always dreamed of.

If we do not know which work best suites us. Do this exercise it worked for me and changed my life. Go to the book store and walk around the section or sections that appeal to you most that’s your passion now take that niche and RUN WITH IT.

If we are not experiencing the abundance we would like we have not acted on our passion and it comes down to one or more of the six basic fears:

1. Poverty

2.  Criticism

3. ill health

4. Loss of Love

5. Old Age

6. Death

We can identify which ones we have by simply asking the question “Why don’t you already have what you want?”

The answer, your initial reaction, that excuse or reason is one of the six fears. I can feel you saying right now OMG no way I finally know why I’m not acting on my passion

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  1. Emily - June 3, 2015 at 1:39 am Reply

    Hi Brian
    following one’s passion….. one of the hardest thing to do in life! Unless that passion is easily attainable and allows one to make a ton of money 🙂 But that’s not usually the case….It usually involves taking a risk. But once that risk has been taken, one normally never regrets it. But as you say, out of fear, we do not leap forward and just go for it. Good that you are providing more info on those fears!

  2. AzmiJ - June 3, 2015 at 2:49 am Reply

    Hi Brian,
    Yes most of us (including me!) find out that we are so afraid to be criticized. For my opinion, we still have to care what others think, just don’t overdo it. We have our own mind and heart to care before taking care of others. =) great post!

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