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This is a great question.

Who are the top financial advisors?

Who should I trust with my hard earned money to make sure it doesn’t run out before I die?

If you ask Barron’s they will tell you Shelley Bergman from Morgan Stanley or Steven Hefner from Wells Fargo.

The problem with these suggestions is while they may be very swell gentlemen and good investors its not practical to get them on your team.

These  types of corporations wont even talk to majority of investors and if you do get a chance to talk with them its on a 1800 number to somewhere in Chicago.

So now you are probably saying I get all that. Where do I Find my Top Advisor?

Who should I trust?

Who Do I Trust?
Who Do I Trust?

This is a great question and the answer is the person who only stands to benefit from you benefiting and the one that has to look you in the EYE and cant hide behind a 1800 number.

Now I’m sure your saying makes sense. where do I find a person or organization like that?

I’m glad you ask.

Primerica Financial Services is an organization that has to do right by the consumer 100% of the time.

You may ask well why do they have to?

This is why, the only way Primerica Financial Services receives new business is based upon referrals and the representative you will be dealing is most likely a friend of a friend.

The way they have built their business model they do not do any advertising and have acquired over 6 million clients in investments and life insurance.

Now that you have picked your jaw up from the ground and are now wondering what investment and insurance company would not advertise?

The answer is simple the one who doesn’t need to.

Problem with that is your going to be waiting until a friend of a friend comes by to share with you what I have just shared with you because you wont see them on television, radio, billboard, print ad, any of that.

This is why I have dedicated this post to Primerica Financial Services and for the wonderful work they do helping out Middle America.

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