How To Become An Effective Leader?

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So you want to become an effective leader?

The most effective way to becoming a leader is first taking the initiative.

Your most likely wondering what do initiative and leadership have to do with each other.
The answer is…


In order to become a leader and maintain leadership we need to first take initiative.
We must be willing to do what we tell others to do.

Taking the initiative is an incredible universal principle. By taking more responsibility, we naturally increase our compacity to lead, which in return allows us to serve more people resulting in increased monthly cash flow.

As most of you have realized by now our motto here at FFC is “serve more make more”.

An individual only has the propensity to serve so many by themself. So we must become a Leader to serve the many to create wealth. In order to become a leader one must take the initiative first and encourage his team to do the same with their teams.

The interesting thing about the universal principle of initiative is by promoting it to others we naturally have to take part in it ourselves.

We can not tell someone to take the initiative and not be taking the initiative yourself, it doesn’t work.

With our team we must first take the first step then when our members take a step with us we back them up.

If they don’t step we can not get caught up in that.

we have to teach our people how to earn our time and attention.

we must work by group more than individually.

The reason for this is found in Pareto’s principle of the vital few also known as the 80/20 rule which states that 80% of the effects comes from only 20% of the cause.

That’s why when we are taking the initiative we must make sure our energy is focused on the most important tasks for the accomplishment of our definite chief aim.

We get 80% closer to our goals by focusing on the top 20% of tasks. what are those Top 20% tasks we like to call them quadrant two activities as covered in Steven covey’s seven habits of highly effective people. if you are not familiar let me explain the four quadrants of time management then show a depiction of the aforementioned principle.

Quadrant one activities are both urgent and important.

Quadrant Two activities are not urgent but important

Quadrant three activities are urgent but not important

Quadrant four activities are both not urgent and not important

We need to stay out of Quadrant three and four completely. This is where the 80% spends 80% of their time which explains why they only account for 20% of the results.

Now the 20% spend 80% of their time in Quadrant Two. 20% in quadrant one.

You ask,”why quadrant two?” this is where those high priority tasks that need to get done for our definite chief aims accomplishment.

These high priority tasks are overlooked by the majority who spend the bulk of their time in quadrant three on urgent but unimportant tasks until quadrant one is over flowing with quadrant two activities which now have become both urgent and important.

If we’re focus on quadrant two with 80% of our time Quadrant one will only need 20% because their is less and less urgent important things to do because we are knocking them off our list before they become urgent.

By focusing on quadrant two we are accomplishing those top 20% of tasks that help us accomplish 80% of our goal that 80% of people completely neglect to even realize exists.

Here is the visual representation




Lets summarize todays topic of discussion. In order to create wealth we must serve the many in order to serve the many we must become a leader. In order to become a leader we must take the initiative. We take the initiative by properly managing our time with the four quadrants.

This is how you become an effective leader. Want more information please subscribe below or leave a comment.

-Best Wishes

About the author: Brian Klock

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3 comments to “How To Become An Effective Leader?”

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  1. Stacey - August 13, 2015 at 2:56 pm Reply

    Great advice! I had first hand experience on taking on more initiative recently at work. Turned out I took on too much initiative and blew it with half of the things I said I’d do. Basically only some of the tasks were done. So lesson to learn: Take on initiative but be aware of your own limit!

    • Brian - August 13, 2015 at 3:25 pm Reply

      Exactly Stacy your absolutely right we need to focus our initiative on the top 20% of our tasks that way we get the important stuff done that contributes to 80% of our results. Glad to see you engaging in the community best wishes see you around again soon.

  2. Matt - August 14, 2015 at 1:47 am Reply

    Becoming an effective leader certainly involves taking the initiative, which will in turn, lead your followers to act as well. As you’ve mentioned above, leading by example is vitally important. If you’re not willing to practice what you preach, who will respect you as a leader?

    I also agree 100% with the 80/20 rule. Working in corporate America, I’ve found that there’s never enough time to do everything that needs to be done, but as long as I focus the majority of my time on the top 20% of tasks, then I will still yield high results.

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